Hidden Drivers of Success

Leveraging Employee Insights for Strategic Advantage


As the speed of global competition continues to accelerate, so does the need for precise, data-driven performance measurement. To allocate scarce resources, and to make course corrections and important business and talent decisions, fast and effective information is needed. We live in a world of data overload—for proof, go no further than your e-mail inbox! While data are over abundant, what is scarce is having the right information available at the moment of decision-making. Even more scarce is the ability to convert data to knowledge for the purpose of organizational learning.

The idea for this book and its focus on surveys as a key tool to manage—even survive—in this competitive environment was incubated many years ago at the Metrus Institute. In our research, we have witnessed many superb examples of organizations that use information far more strategically than their competitors. So we began a quest to do three things that are integrated in this book:

The three authors began collaborating on this about five years ago, but their depth of experiences go much farther back, in some cases, to the 1980s. It has been interesting to see what long-standing measurement practices are still highly relevant and effective today, and to assess what practices have changed dramatically in the past three to five years. Our hope is to give you a state-of-the-art look at the practice of measurement—what is possible and what is likely in the future.

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